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The Aguila Bridge is a road bridge that crosses the Estero de San Miguel. It is located along Concepcion Aguila Street, San Miguel, Manila. It was build 10 years ago.

  • As per DPWH assessment, overall condition of the existing structural of the bridge was found out to be in poor condition. Rehabilitation of the bridge includes crack repair using epoxy injection/mortar on top and bottom slab, strengthening of girder & bottom slab using Carbon Fiber Sheet (CFS) & Carbon Fiber Plate (CFP).
  • Location: Along Concepcion Aguila Street, San Miguel, Manila
  • Client: DPWH North Manila District Engineering Office - DEO
  • Date Started: February 26, 2021
    Completion Date: March 12, 2021
  • RMBRCI one such method is the reinforcement by Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) in the form of thin laminates or fabrics. The Aguila bridge load increased and the girder board appeared crack and so on because of the large amount of traffic and the loading of vehicles. The bridge was retrofitted to its best quality by the application of Carbon Fiber Sheets (CFS), and Plates around the girders of the bridge.
  • 1. Removal of loose materials, and Concrete Plaster by means of chipping and grinding.
    2. Application of Carbon Fiber Sheet (CFS) with Chemical Epoxy resins
    3. Restoration of bottom slab, girder and beam on Affected by Carbon Fiber Sheets (CFS) Application
    4. Protective Coating for concrete Structures (Skim Coat)/ Plastering Works
    5. Painting Works (Masonry, and Concrete)