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PUP is a research and coeducational state university in Manila, Philippines. It was founded on 19 October 1904, as the Manila Business School (MBS) and as part of Manila's public school system. It was eventually promoted to chartered state university in 1978, by virtue of Presidential Decree 1341. PUP has more than 20 campuses and extensions across Central Luzon, Southern Luzon and Metro Manila. With over 70,000 enrolled students, PUP claims to be the largest state university in the Philippines by student population. PUP Main Campus was named after Apolinario Mabini by Dr. Nemesio Prudente, when he reorganized the university in 1988. The sprawling A. Mabini Campus, with 10.71 hectares, hosts the core cluster of academic buildings and services. The first building built on the site is the Main Academic Building, which was originally intended to be a military tenement.

  • The structural assessment on various government school buildings that includes Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Main Academic Building West Wing. After conducting inspection, gathering data and testing samples of existing structures. It was found out that the building cannot withstand a  magnitude of earthquake. So, they recommended that the building must undergo rehabilitation, and retrofitting.

  • Location: Sta. Mesa Manila

    Client: DPWH North Manila District Engineering Office  (DEO)
    Date Started: June 03, 2020
    Completion Date: December 02, 2020
  • Retrofitting/Structural Improvement of columns using Carbon Fiber Sheet (CFS) for strengthening the concrete structures externally, It is used as an external reinforcement for columns. It consists of carbon and glass fabrics that are impregnated with the quality resins to form laminate that is externally bonded to the element to be strengthened. This strengthening method reduces the need for extra anchoring works and installation, which is very time consuming and costly. Carbon Fiber Sheet (CFS) composite material to add strength, last longer and ductility to the building.
  • 1. Removal and demolition of all Structures, Obstructions, and Concrete Plaster by means of chipping and grinding.
  • 2. Installation of Rebar and Column Concrete Jacketing 
  • 3. Application of Bonding Agent
  • 4. Application of Carbon Fiber Sheet (CFS) with Chemical Epoxy resins
  • 5. Restoration of Walls/Ceilings Affected by Carbon Fiber Sheets (CFS) Application
  • 6. Protective Coating for concrete Structures (Skim Coat)/ Plastering Works
  • 7. Painting Works (Masonry, Wood and Concrete)