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Construction of the interchange begun on January 2001 led by the Sumitomo Corporation, with the work being contracted out to F.F Cruz and Company, one of the Philippines largest construction companies.

The interchange was finally completed in March 2004 although it was inaugurated on December 23, 2003 by Bayani Fernando, then serving as Chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.


    The overall condition of the existing structure was found damaged due to a huge impact on the corner of the coping beam caused by a dump truck. As per DPWH Metro Manila 1st District Engineering Office recommendation, it was subject for repair/rehabilitation that includes patching using epoxy concrete, painting works and installation of "clearance height" and "low clearance ahead" signages at 50 and 100 meters before the structure to prevent accidents the happened in the past years.

  • Location: Pasig Boulevard C5 Flyover, Pasig City

    Client: DPWH Metro Manila 1st District Engineering Office - DEO

    Date Started: October 17, 2022

    Completion Date: December 11, 2022

  • Rehabilitation of the Flyover on Coping beam at pier 23 and 24 was subject for repair using epoxy concrete, painting works that gives protective coating and warning signages for prevention in any possible accidents caused by huge impact.
  • 1. Removal of loose materials, and Concrete Plaster by means of chipping and grinding.
  • 2. Patching Works  at Pier 23 & 24
  • 3.  Crack repair using Epoxy Concrete
  • 4. Protective Coating for concrete Structures (Skim Coat)/ Plastering Works
    5. Painting Works (Masonry, and Concrete)
  • 6. Installation of Safety Signages